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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Jul 31, 2010

DJDeedle's been wearing those funny toe shoes you've seen, those Vibram Five Fingers shoes, for about a year now.  Now he has a closet full of the shoes, and he wears them to run, at the gym, and generally everywhere he can get away with it.  These simple shoes inspire.  Recently, the company responsible for these toe...

Jul 30, 2010


Bienvenue au Deedlecast. Cette semaine, mots de bienvenue, et un Deedlecast varié. Les extrèmes se touchent entre le danse musique electronique, et bootleggeux, et quelques des nouveautés comme petite gâterie, aussi. Un melange de DJDeedle avec toujours le même éclectisme vous prévoyez et quelques...

Jul 23, 2010


Occasionally, delays, deferrals and glitchy technology can leave us all feeling a bit dis connected.  Disconnection isn’t such a bad thing, though.  Sometimes it can provide you that brief moment of focus, that instant of clarity, where suddenly you can find yourself lost in your own musical world.  Take a...

Jul 16, 2010


Analog goes digital, and vinyl finds new life in the 21st century.  This week, the record player once again rocks your world.  


Jul 9, 2010


This week's Deedlecast is a revolution in media - "Deedle's Underground Beats," or d.u.b media.   Danceable, groovy, and packed with all kinds of surprises, the seriously underground sound of d.u.b media is unrestrained by modern conventions. And while enjoying it, you will be too.